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Getting to know Peter

Hallo and welcome to Peter’s Plots,

My name is Peter Gitau and I am the Managing Director.

I was born in Nairobi over 40 years ago and I spent my early and late childhood attending Starehe Boys’ Centre boarding school in the Ziwani area of Nairobi. Those who knew Starehe under its founder, Geoffrey Griffin, will probably recall his success in building Starehe into a school keen on discipline, academic prowess, community service and sporting achievements. I always cherish the memories of my primary and secondary schooling years at SBC.

Upon graduation from high school, I worked as a Design assistant at Braeburn Ltd – better known for running its high cost Braeburn schools in Kenya and Tanzania. My first real experience with the real estate sector was when tasked with ferrying their architectural drawing between offices on Gitanga road or the occasional moments when I was asked to breakdown the resident architect’s drawings to the local masons and carpenters. This was when their Lavington based, Braeside School was under construction.

Upon completion, I joked that the school buildings stood so beautiful and proud and that I would not mind being a teacher there! This initial joke grew into a serious career when a friend recommended I train at Kagumo teachers college and upon graduating with a Diploma in English Language and Literature, I was soon teaching at Braeburn High school before moving to head the Languages Department at Braeside High school. It was while at Braeburn that I obtained my Bachelor of Education from University of Warwick, UK.

While teaching in Tanzania, an opportunity to travel to New Zealand arose and with it saw my exploring urge take me in a different field of work by landing a training opportunity and eventual employment as a customer service personnel with Telstra clear – one of the biggest telecom companies in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region. Later, a bigger opportunity but in a similar role came up at ANZ (Australia New Zealand Bank, Wellington) and it is here that I gained valuable training and experience in banking and customer service.

Before my return to Kenya together with my family, I worked as an International programmes officer with Save the Children, New Zealand which I have always seen as an interesting twist in my life having been sponsored at Starehe by Save the Children, New Zealand, back in the early 80s!

As I mentioned earlier, I worked in the real estate sector as my first job after high school but it wasn’t after witnessing my mother recover her parcel of land from a fraudulent transaction that I decided to take a keener interest in learning how proper and legal land buying and selling transactions and procedures should be carried out in Kenya. After some incidents where Kenyans including my family lost money in fraudulent land buying deals, I decided to set up a business that can guarantee Kenyans that buying genuine land in any part of Kenya is possible.

With this determination, Peter’s Plots was born.

Before we put land onto the market, we conduct thorough searches at the Ministry of Lands together with many other government and local departments where records of all land in Kenya are kept. While ordinary land agents will only do one search at the land’s offices, we go out of our way to seek the earliest ownership documentation of each area, sometimes going as far back as 1900! This is why we guarantee you that we sell genuine land. We can therefore proudly say that out of the many parcels sold so far, none has had any ownership dispute and it is our policy to keep it that way.

I look forward to serving you,