My Chama

What is Peter’s Plots Open Investment Chama?

This is an open Not-for-Profit Chama open for all Kenyans to join, invest in buying land and grow their wealth. It is the only open Investment Chama in Kenya today. It is open to individuals and groups. It is registered as an Investment Group by the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Services.

Many Kenyans have told me that they are finding it very hard to meet the restrictive requirements of the typical old fashioned Chamas they are in because:

  1. Meetings are mostly scheduled in far-away venues
  2. Meetings are held mostly at night making it risky to get home
  3. Monthly contribution fee is straining their incomes
  4. Investment Ideas discussed are mostly quickly abandoned later
  5. Only one or two members seem to drive the agenda
  6. Personal differences stand in the way of the agenda
  7. Some people can’t raise enough numbers to form a Chama
  8. It takes too long to make decisions
  9. Members drop out too soon before any project is completed
  10. Some members are not actively interested or involved in promoting the development ideas
  11. Some people have to work far away from the majority of the members of their chama

My open Investment Chama gives my members the freedom to go on with their lives without having to feel trapped by regulations. All you need to do is make your payments towards your piece of land – that’s all.

  1. I look for good affordable land in areas that will appreciate in value very fast.
  2. I verify the land to make sure it is clean, it has a genuine Title Deed and it can be used for either commercial, residential, agricultural or just for speculation
  3. I inform my Chama members about this opportunity and members buy a share of this land through instalments. Members will be informed through our website, e-mail and press
  4. A sale agreement is drawn between us and the member purchasing the land
  5. I guarantee the prices my members will pay will be the cheapest in Kenya.
  6. I  negotiate for periods of more than 12 months to pay the installments
  1. No monthly contributions
  2. No monthly meetings
  3. Only one investment agenda – BUYING LAND AND GROWING YOUR WEALTH
  1.    Pay the cheapest prices for land in Kenya
  2.    Buy clean land – no worry someone will claim it later or you will lose your money
  3.    You will be dealing with the safest land buying company in Kenya
  4.    Your land will be taken care of by us for you at a minimal fee cost
  5.    Free advertising for your land if you want to sell it
  6.    Free legal advice when you want to transfer, sell, develop etc
  7.    Very low interest rates arranged by us if you want to borrow to buy more land
  8.    Free advice on how to gain maximum return from your land
  9.    We will help you find a buyer when you want to sell your land
  10.    Free advice incase you have an issue with your land
  11.    Free searches at the lands offices when you want to buy land
  1. We shall advertise on our website
  2. We shall send you occasional e-mail alerts
  3. We shall advertise in The Daily Nation

Although you will be a member of my Chama, each plot is sold in sizes of eighth, quarter, half , full acre or a block of acres. The plot you buy will have its own Title Deed processed immediately you make a down payment. Wrangles are a result of un-subdivided land owned by many people in the group such that the legally allowable subdividable size of land is less than the number of members. This will not happen in our chama. Our land will be subdivided with individual Title Deeds before it’s offered to our members.

There will be plots that are bought by members and held for them in trust by the Investment Chama. Such plots can be owned by as many members as shares allow.

Mr. Peter Gitau (Director – Peter’s Plots)

Ksh. 5,000/= ONE-OFF payment

You can do one of the following:

  1. Fill in the form in the JOIN page and submit it.
  2. Visit our office – 3rd Floor, Business Centre, Ngong Hills Hotel Building, Adjacent to Uchumi Hyper, Ngong Rd, Nairobi – (tel: 0727777323 or 0202212349)

Use Mpesa (0727777323), Bank Transfer or Pay at our office

Yes, you can reach him on 0727 777 323 or