This depends on why you want to buy. For speculation and business, look for areas where people are moving to. At the moment, Kitengela, Konza, Isinya, Bisil, Ngong, Kiserian – Pipeline road, Nanyuki, Kwale, Kilifi, Lamu, Malindi, Thika highway, Kagundo road, Kamiti, and Karen are most desired.

To build your home, look for areas away from industries but nearer to social amenities. Your budget will guide you.

Proving this can be very difficult because fraudsters collude with corrupt land office officials to alter primary records. Lands office searches used to be sufficient but not anymore. Unlike agents, lawyers and brokers who all do only one (mostly unreliable) official search, we undertake a 7 sources search meaning our searches are 100% reliable. If we have declared a piece of land clean, then it is. We have approved over 1,000 searches for our clients and none has lost their land.

Because they do not seek professional help when buying. If you seek our help, you are guaranteed of your purchase.

Yes, this is one of our major strengths. Kenyans in the Diaspora see us as the most trusted land sellers in Kenya.

Yes, you can call him on +254 727 777 323 or email him at peter@petersplots.co.ke or you can request to Skype with him at petersplots. Send an email requesting a Skype session.

Yes, this is what we are specialists in.

Yes, our certificate number is BN/2013/204540.

Yes, we will organize a suitable payment plan for you.

Because their systems are manual and equipment always breaks down, stationery runs out quickly, officers are not always present, policies keep being reviewed at little or no notice etc.

For record keeping, a banker’s cheque or a bank transfer are desired.

The buying process:

You will either be buying a piece of land with a ready Title Deed or a small section of a bigger one, so you will need it subdivided and your Title Deed processed.

Here’s how to go about the process;

If Title Deed is ready 

  1. View the land
  2. Contact us to do for you a record search and make sure the land is clean
  3. Our lawyer draws a sale agreement for you and your seller.
  4. You pay a down payment.
  5. Consent to transfer your Title is applied for and obtained.
  6. Pay final balance to seller.
  7. Get stamp duty valuation and pay stamp duty.
  8. Apply and obtain your new Title Deed.